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Student Research Opportunities

We are pleased to be able to offer a strong mentored research programs in our college. The program derives its strength and diversity through various funding sources, including a grant from the Merck-Merial Veterinary Scholars. In addition, we are proud to have the Fund for Discovery which supports several veterinary scholars every year.   

Veterinary students engaged in our summer internship programs participate in collective experiences such as weekly seminars, field trips and other activities to increase their understanding of the scientific process, responsible conduct of research, improve their written and oral communication skills and to gain insight into the wide range of professional paths available to them in academia, government and industry. In addition, a substantial portion of the scholars participate in the annual Veterinary Scholar Symposium.  All summer research participants receive stipend support for the 10-12 week period.

Student research activities are designed to provide a rich research experience. Students are mentored closely by dedicated faculty. The rich diversity of our funding sources allows us to offer a broad range of research experiences and mentors to our students. Our NIH scholars participate in research projects with our NIH funded and other faculty where projects have direct bearing on human health issues. Our Merck-Merial scholars have a wide range of faculty and human or animal-health focused research available to them.  Some of our students have also received funding through The Morris Animal Foundation that supports research projects that enhance the health and welfare of companion animals.