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Clinical-Year Externship Program


The College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) at North Carolina State University welcomes DVM students in their clinical year of study who wish to complete an externship experience in one of NCSU-CVM's clinical services.

For the benefit of both the visitor and the service, all visitors are required to have strong written and verbal English language skills that are proficient to function on a day-to-day basis in the clinical environment.

Externship Requirements

The Application Process

  1. Complete the Visitor Application. Externships are scheduling according to course availability. Applications will only be processed after ensuring that NC State's clinical-year students have been scheduled to meet all requirements.
    • Applicants should complete the "Purpose of Visitation" section on the Visitor Application by writing a short essay describing the reason for their application, what service they are interested in, and what they hope to accomplish while here.
    • Please provide several scheduling options if possible: a range of dates or requested clinics may increase the possibility of scheduling an externship.
      • Clinics and Services: here.
      • Current Clinical Calendar (May 2013-May 2014): here.
      • Next Year's Clinical Calendar (May 2014-May 2015): here.
  2. If a student's request can be accommodated, he or she will be notified via email. He or she will receive several documents that must be completed to set up the visit. The documents must be returned *90 days prior* to the student's scheduled visit date.

**Visit Requests for the 2014-15 Clinical Year: NCSU-CVM is currently scheduling the rising 4th-year students for their clinical rotations.  All visitor requests for the next clinical year (May 2014-May 2015) are on-hold until all students' schedules are completed.  When the schedule reopens in spring 2014, the Clinical Coordinator will contact all visitor requests in the order their Applications were received.


Items of Importance


Housing, Parking, Transportation

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