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International Applicants

International applicants, as well as US resident applicants attending colleges outside the United States must meet all of the listed admissions criteria as well as the following:

1. have all international academic transcripts evaluated by a credential evaluation service. Applicants have used the following services in the past: Josef Silny & Associates, Trustforte, and World Education Services.

2. submit proof of English proficiency. The College of Veterinary Medicine adheres to the following specific TOEFL requirements set forth by NC State University's Graduate School:

English Proficiency Requirements for International Applicants
In order to be eligible for admission to the Graduate School all international applicants, regardless of citizenship, must demonstrate proficiency in English at a level necessary to be successful in a graduate program at NC State. This requirement can be met for most applicants in one of the following ways; however, some programs may require additional evidence of English proficiency:

The Office of International Services serves as the central resource for international students and is the designated office responsible for immigration advising and document processing as well as providing programs and services for our international community.