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Transfer Policy

Veterinary medical students enrolled in good standing at AVMA Council on Education accredited institutions can apply to transfer to NC State University. Students will only be considered for transfer into semesters 2 through 5 (transfer students must complete the entire junior and senior year at NC State). NC State only accepts transfer requests from students currently enrolled at these institutions. Also, we only accept credits earned at AVMA accredited or approved schools.

To be considered for transfer, the curriculum at the school of origin must be very similar to that at NC State and there must be a vacancy in the class. Please note that we may not know if we have a vacancy until after the application deadline. Prospective applicants may contact the CVM Admissions Coordinator with questions regarding space availability.

NOTE: The Transfer Application typically opens the following times:

Fall Semester: May 1 – May 31

Spring Semester: October 10 - October 31

The NC State CVM will not entertain transfer applications for the second or third year classes for Fall 2015. There are currently no openings. We will review transfer potential in September and consider whether we will open up our transfer application process in the month of October for Spring 2016. Please visit this website in September for updates.


Transfer Preparation Process

Transfer Application Process

Helpful Information

All documents must be sent to:

College of Veterinary Medicine, NCSU
Student Services Office, Attn: Transfer Admissions
1060 William Moore Drive, Campus Box 8401
Raleigh, NC 27607

NOTE: Please don't submit credentials unless the application window opens for the intended semester.


The Transfer Application typically opens the following times:


Fall Semester: May 1 – May 31

Spring Semester: October 10 - October 31


Please note that the application window may be opened in anticipation of seats that never become available. Applicants, therefore, must acknowledge that the application fee is non-refundable and that application materials become property of NC State and are not returned to the applicant.

Please note that multiple factors will be considered including, but not limited to, academic excellence, curriculum match, slot availability, veterinary experience background, recommendations, etc. It should be noted that the NC State DVM Class of 2018 will follow a new curriculum that may make it difficult for the transfer process.

Please keep the following curricular issues in mind when considering submitting a transfer application to the NC State DVM Program:

1st Year Transfers (Spring Semester Only): In addition to the closest curricular match, it is imperative that applicants have equivalent anatomy, infectious disease and immunity coursework.

2nd Year Transfers: the most common problems are infectious disease based courses. Applicants need to have taken microbiology, virology and immunology during the freshman year for best consideration.  Additionally, spring applicants need to have taken equivalent parasitology and surgery.

3rd Year Transfers: Applicants must have taken surgery during their second year in enough depth to match our curriculum.

Again, the application fee is non-refundable so please take this into consideration before submitting an application.

Please contact the CVM Admissions Coordinator with any transfer application questions.