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Class Room Capture
(MediaSite Audio/Video Lecture Capture)

Scheduling Procedure

  1. All core courses (except for Clinical Conference which is only recorded when requested) taught in South Theater (B-112), North Theater (C-120) and D-239 will be recorded for the fall and spring semesters. No request to record is needed from faculty or students.
  2. "Labs" taught in B-112, C-120 and D-239 will also be recorded. Regardless of what type of instruction in those 3 rooms, if a "course" is scheduled in one of them, then it has been scheduled to be recorded.
    Instructors must realize that even class days with tests/exams will be recorded. These are days that it is advised to stop the recording. Some test questions are power point slides...which should not be recorded in order to use the slides for future tests.
  3. Recording will begin at the official start time of the class and end 4 minutes after the scheduled end time of class.
  4. Selectives will not be recorded.
  5. Late recording requests (within 15 minutes of desired start time) must be made through one of the MediaSite system administrators. Please contact (in this order):
    1. Dan McWhorter at 919-513-6338 or
  6. Contact the CVM Scheduling Coordinator at if you have any questions about course scheduling.

Technical Issues

  1. The Computing Resources Office will provide technical support for Classroom Capture.
  2. Contact the A/V Coordinator at 513-6494 if you need technical support. You can also email (specify A/V Support in the subject). If immediate assistance is needed and the coordinator is not available, contact Computing Resources (Room C101) at 513-6677 opt 2.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does Class Room Capture work?
    1. Video of the instructor, audio from the instructor and computer, and image from whatever is displayed on the computer are captured into a single video file and, once the recording is complete transferred to a server. The files can be accessed via the web to review the recorded lecture.
    2. The system is pre-scheduled to record each lecture during the assigned course period and then transfer it to a specific folder assigned to that course for easy retrieval.
    3. A recording can be stopped by pressing the “stop recording” button under the “mediasite controls” section of the touch panel. NOTE –Once a recording has been stopped it cannot be restarted.
  2. What are the benefits to students?
    1. It allows students to review material they missed or may not have completely understood.
    2. It reduces the pressure to write down every detail during lecture, allowing greater participation.
    3. It allows students with different learning styles and speeds the option to review the lecture.
  3. What are the benefits to faculty?
    1. If a student misses class you can assign the lecture as part of their required make-up.
    2. It allows faculty to review their teaching style.
  4. Will students stop coming to class if they can review the lecture at their leisure?
    1. The experience at other veterinary colleges is that lecture attendance is not greatly impacted, especially if active teaching methods are used in the classroom.
  5. Am I obligated to use ClassRoom Capture?
    1. No, it is completely voluntary.
  6. How do I stop a recording before starting a lecture?
    1. There is a “Stop Recording” button under the “mediasite controls” section of the touch panel console in each room. Simply press the button and the recording session for that scheduled lecture period will not be recorded.
  7. How do I delete the session after it has been recorded?
    1. Contact Dan McWhorter or Kirk Nuss with a request to have a recording deleted. Please provide the course number, date and time of the recording.
  8. Who do I contact if I alter the schedule for my lecture period (change start time, location, etc.)?
    1. Please contact the CVM Scheduling Coordinator (currently Kirk Nuss) in the Student Services Office as soon as possible so that the Classroom Capture schedule can be altered accordingly. If this remains unchanged, your lectures may be recorded under a different title and course.
    2. Please don’t request the change from other personnel with “Scheduler” access.
  9. Do I have to wear the wireless microphone?
    1. No, there are ceiling microphones in B112, C120 and D239 that serve as an audio input for the classroom as a whole. They will also record the presenter's audio. However, the wireless microphone is beneficial to the audio quality of the recording and sound reinforcement and therefore strongly recommended.
    2. NOTE – Once a recording session starts, the ceiling microphones become “live,” & all audio (including background noise) is recorded. Please keep this in mind for conversations not related to course material. If you do not want specific conversations recorded, there is an “audience mics on/off” button under the “mediasite controls” section of the touch panel.
  10. Where do I stand to have video of me recorded?
    1. The default position of the presenter camera is at the podium. If you move to another area of the room, and wish to remain on camera you will have to manually reposition the camera using the “camera control” buttons on the touch panel. You can check the camera position accuracy by looking at the mediasite confidence monitor on the podium or back wall (South Theater only).
  11. If the default position of the camera is at the podium, what happens if I walk around the room?
    1. You will come in and out of the “speaker image” field unless you manually reposition the camera using the “camera control” buttons on the touch panel. You can check the camera position accuracy by looking at the mediasite confidence monitor on the podium or the back wall (south theater only). This may be initially distracting to students reviewing the lecture; however, most viewers quickly adapt to paying attention to the voice and slides. You do not have to change your lecture style.
  12. Can I have the system record audio and PowerPoint slides, but not me?
    1. No, but you can stand out of camera range or reposition the camera using the “camera control” buttons to avoid being recorded.
  13. What happens with the use of clickers?
    1. There are no problems. The responses will be recorded and imaged in PowerPoint just as they are during the lecture.
  14. What happens if I show videos from the web or DVD?
    1. As the system only capture frames from the computer every 3 seconds, motion video will appear as a series of “slides” similar to a flip book. The audio, however, will flow smoothly.
  15. Who will have access to my lecture?
    1. Access will be restricted to persons with a CVM Unity ID.
  16. Can I restrict access to only students taking my course?
    1. No
  17. Can students download the lecture?
    1. No, it is “view only” and cannot be downloaded.
  18. How long will the lectures be available on-line?
    1. A prior academic year’s recordings will be deleted upon the start of a new academic year.
  19. Should I be concerned about the use of copyrighted material?
    1. Yes. Copyrighted material should not be recorded unless you have secured re-distribution rights from the copyright owner.
  20. How do I know if mediasite is recording?
    1. There is a “mediasite status” indicator located under the “mediasite controls” section of the touch panel that will either say recording or idle/not recording. Alternately you can look at the status LED light on the front of the mediasite appliance. If it is BLUE it is idle/not recording. If it is RED then it is recording.