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Clinical Pathology Laboratory

The Clinical Pathology Laboratory (CPL) is open from 8AM – 7PM Monday through Friday, except on holidays.  All other hours are covered by on call personnel. This laboratory is comprised of 7 smaller laboratory entities: Pharmacology, Coagulation, Immunohematology, Hematology, Chemistry, Urinalysis, and Cytology. The CPL has three major functions. The laboratory is primarily a teaching/service laboratory, aiding in the teaching of Clinical Pathology to veterinary students. This is accomplished by providing laboratory results for the diagnosis and treatment of disease in patients admitted to the Veterinary Health Complex (VHC). This laboratory also provides clinical laboratory testing for research cases in the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM), and functions as a service laboratory to CVM researchers. Additionally, it functions as a reference laboratory for selected tests sent in by referring veterinarians. Since the lab began in 1984, our services have expanded to include a large variety of tests with approximately 600 orderable tests and 80 test profiles. The laboratory also serves as a central receiving area for all "send-out" tests, i.e. necessary tests unavailable at the CVM-VHC that must be mailed or delivered to reference labs within or outside the CVM. An average of 3600 samples/month are performed in this laboratory.


Dr. Carol Grindem, Professor

Dr. Jennifer Neel, Assistant Professor