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Contact Information

919.513.6550 (Main Laboratory)
919.513.6576 (Cytopathology Pathologists Reading Room)

Fax:     919.513.6556

NCSU - College of Veterinary Medicine
1060 William Moore Drive
Room C269
Raleigh, NC 27607

Contact Information for Other CVM Diagnostic Laboratory Services

  • Cytopathology:  919.513.6550
  • Histopathology: 919.513.6390
  • Immunology/Flow Cytometry/PARR:  919.513.6363
  • Intestinal Pathogens Research:  919.513.6365
  • Microbiology: 919.513.6560
  • Vector Borne:  919.513.8279
  • Virology:  919.513.6564

Links to CVM Diagnostic Laboratories

Clinical Pathology Laboratory

The Clinical Pathology Lab (CPL) is a 1290 square foot facility located in the Health and Wellness Center at the NCSU, College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM), NC State Veterinary Hospital (VH).  The hours of operation are from 8AM – 7PM Monday through Friday, except on holidays.  All other hours are covered by on call personnel. 

The Clinical Pathology team includes three board certified faculty, three residents and our technical staff of 7 full-time technologists and 6 part-time student technicians. Faculty and trainees are responsible for teaching a sophomore clinical pathology course (VMP 942), 11 two-week laboratory medicine senior rotations (VMP 978) and 2 one-week cytology selectives.  In addition, there is one pathologist and one resident on clinical duty in the VH each week.  Technical personnel provide clinical data to the VH and assist in teaching the previously mentioned courses for sophomore and senior veterinary students.

The CPL has three major functions.  The laboratory is primarily a teaching/service laboratory, aiding in the teaching of Clinical Pathology to veterinary students.  This is accomplished by providing laboratory results for the diagnosis and treatment of disease in patients admitted to the VH. This laboratory also provides clinical laboratory testing for research cases in the CVM, and functions as a service laboratory to CVM researchers. Additionally, it functions as a reference laboratory for selected tests sent in by referring veterinarians.

This laboratory is comprised of 7 laboratory departments:  Chemistry, Coagulation, Cytology, Hematology, Immunohematology, Pharmacology, and Urinalysis.  In addition to these laboratory departments, laboratory personnel maintain ancillary laboratories in the large and small animal areas of our hospital.  These ancillary laboratories are available for use after hours by non-laboratory technical staff, residents, interns, and students.

Major pieces of equipment in the Clinical Pathology Lab include:  Siemens Diagnostics Advia 120 hematology analyzer, Roche Diagnostics Cobas Integra 400+ chemistry analyzer, Diagnostica Stago Satellite coagulation analyzer, Diagnostic Stago Start 4 coagulation analyzer, Roche Diagnostics Criterion II urinalysis analyzer, 2 Instrumentation Laboratory Gem Premier 3000 blood gas analyzers, 2 Heska Hematrues, 2 Abaxis Vetscans, and a Siemens Diagnostic Immulite 1000.  In addition, we have a 5-head Olympus microscope with a digital camera, an Olympus microscope with a digital camera, and 6 additional single/dual view microscopes.  The laboratory has 12 computer workstations.  Reference books are available for all laboratory areas.

Since the lab began in 1984, our services have expanded to include a large variety of test with approximately 600 orderable tests and 80 test profiles.  The CPL serves as a central receiving area for most “send-out” tests, i.e.  necessary tests unavailable at the CVM-VHC that must be mailed or delivered to reference labs within or outside the CVM.

The NCSU, CVM, VH receives about 17,000 patients annually including an increasing number of avian, fish and exotic species.  The CPL provides testing on approximately 11,500 hematology, 12,000 chemistry, 1500 pharmacology, 260 immunohematology, 4000 cytology, 3000 blood gas, 650 coagulation and 4000 urinalysis sample annually.  In addition, the laboratory processes approximately 1800 samples and results sent to reference labs.


Dr. Carol Grindem, Professor

Dr. Jennifer Neel, Assistant Professor

Laboratory Personnel