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Equine Outpatient Imaging


To provide expedient, high quality, and cost effective imaging services to referring veterinarians (RDVMs) to support lameness workups and pre-purchase examinations on client's horses. At the present time, the focus of the Equine Outpatient Imaging Service is on diagnostic radiology and gamma scintigraphy, using state of the art digital equipment. Key features of this service are:

  1. Easy appointment scheduling
  2. Same-day reporting of results by telephone with a final report provided to the client on the next business day
  3. If desired, the director of Equine Outpatient Imaging Service, a board-certified equine surgeon with lameness experience, will be available for consultation.


The NC State Veterinary Hospital (VH) can either charge the RDVM or the client for outpatient imaging services. This arrangement allows the RDVM to charge clients for the imaging services used during the lameness workup or pre-purchase examination as deemed appropriate for the practice.

Ownership of Images

The images obtained during the examination(s) shall be owned by the billed client and the NC State Veterinary Hospital (VH). The VH reserves the right to use the images for teaching and research purposes. The confidentiality of the owner and patient name shall be maintained. The images shall not be transferred to any other party, including the patient's owner, without written permission from the veterinarian.

Incoming Calls to Equine Outpatient Imaging Service

Please contact the Large Animal Hospital receptionist at 919.513.6630 to make an appointment. Messages left after hours will be picked up on the next business day. If you have an emergency after hours, please call 919.513.6630 and follow the instructions to page the equine clinician on call. The receptionist will send the request forms and order sheet via FAX or email to the RDVM for completion. Please return all forms by 4:00PM on the business day before the scheduled appointment for routine radiology studies, and by noon on the business day before the scheduled appointment for gamma scintigraphy, special studies or if general anesthesia will be required.


If the client does not make their appointment on time or if the horse is uncooperative, reasonable efforts shall be made to complete the imaging studies as scheduled. However, the Equine Hospital reserves the right to reschedule the patient, if needed. A $75 cancellation fee will apply for all gamma scintigraphy cases that arrive too late for imaging to be started, or who cancel after noon the business day before the appointment.

Referral to the Equine Orthopedic Service

If you elect referral to the equine orthopedic service for further work-up once the image results are known, this can be arranged through the Large Animal Hospital receptionist at 919.513.6630. An appointment may not be immediately available. Although every effort will be made to expedite the appointment, it may occur several days after the diagnostic imaging has been completed.