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Outpatient Radiology

Appointment Length

At least one hour (includes brief physical examination, removal of horseshoes as indicated, sedation and up to 2 radiographic studies). Add 15 minutes for each additional radiographic study.

On the Day of the Appointment

Admitting the Patient

The receptionist will complete the patient's registration information with the client and admit the patient.

Physical Examination

A basic physical examination of the horse will be conducted by an experienced equine clinician. The purpose of this examination is to assess patient health prior to imaging and sedation, if needed. The charge for this examination is $55 to $80 and will be billed with the radiology charges.

Removing Horseshoes

If necessary, the horseshoes will be removed by VH staff prior to imaging. There will be a nominal fee for removing horseshoes. Following imaging, the hooves will be protected with duct tape or similar. Re-application of the horseshoes shall be the owner's responsibility. For gaited show horses and other patients with extensive or complex farrier requirements, it is the client's responsibility to make arrangements to have an experienced farrier present during the appointment to assist with removal and re-application of the horseshoes.

Sedation and Radiographic Examination

Administration of sedatives will be done under the supervision of the equine outpatient imaging clinician. The findings from the physical examination shall be considered in the selection of the drug(s) and doses. All imaging will be performed by members of the VH Radiology Service. The equine outpatient imaging clinician will be available during the imaging examination, as needed.


The RDVM can choose to receive either a verbal report or a full written report of the radiographic findings: