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Ruminant Health Management

grazing goats

The Ruminant Health Management Group provides diagnosis and treatment of medical, surgical, and production disorders of sheep, goats, cattle, and llamas by way of in-field and in-hospital activities.

The Ruminant Management Group serves farm animal clients in the local area; consultations are made statewide. The Group provides teaching, service and research for NC State College of Veterinary Medicine, veterinary students and the local activities, with respect to ruminant health management.

The Ruminant Management Group consists of faculty and house officers from the Population Health and Pathobiology Department (PHP).


House officers receive individual and group training necessary to prepare them to become highly skilled practitioners, specialists, educators or researchers in their chosen field. The group has an innovative approach and works very closely together to best prepare students for entry into the profession of veterinary medicine.


Staff (Faculty Supervisor)

Roberta Lyman (Anderson)