Intensive Care

Intensive care – A aisle

  • Access to A aisle is limited to those caring for patients housed there. No other persons may enter.
  • Disposable gloves and overboots must be worn to enter any stall occupied by a patient on A aisle.
  • Disposable gloves must be worn when moving the animal(s) to and from another location for examination and during examination of the animal(s) at that location.
  • All horses admitted with a gastrointestinal disorder shall be considered high risk Salmonella spp. shedders (level of awareness).
  • Admission of a foal with gastrointestinal disease and the mare – fecal samples must be collected from both the foal and the mare.
  • Ensure hand washing between patients throughout the hospital –use antibacterial dispensers, or soap and water.
  • A patient with a gastrointestinal problem housed in A aisle must be walked on the macadam roadway outside the hospital and not around the hospital aisles