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Equine Suspect Infectious Disease Chart

Suspect Disease, Equine Zoonotic Contact log Route Species Systems Housing
Contagious equine metritis Vaginal discharge, venereal, reproductive exam. Equine Isolation
Dermatophytosis Yes Infected hair or crusts, contaminated tack Equine Normal
Equine herpesvirus-1 (Special Guidelines)
Equine infectious anemia Body secretions, biting flies, infected blood, contaminated surgical instruments Equine Isolation
Equine influenza Aerosol Equine Restriction
Equine rhinopneumonitis Aerosol, nasal exudate Equine Restriction
Equine viral arteritis Blood, body secretions Equine Isolation
Fistulous withers (proven Brucella abortus) Infectious exudate Equine Isolation
Leptospirosis Yes Urine Equine Isolation
Potomac horse fever Blood, possibly oral Equine
Rabies Yes Yes login required Infected saliva in bite wound Equine Restriction
Rhodococcus equi Aerosol, nasal exudate Equine Normal
Rotavirus Yes Fecal oral, environmental surfaces Foals GI Isolation
Salmonellosis Yes fecal-oral Equine Isolation
Strangles Nasal discharge, draining abscess Equine Isolation
Vesicular stomatitis Yes Equine Isolation





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