Admission policy


  • All dogs and cats admitted to the hospital must be current on vaccinations for rabies or be vaccinated upon admission as required by NC State law (no exceptions).
  • For adult animals, evidence of rabies vaccination within the previous year is required.
  • If vaccination status is unknown, all dogs should also be vaccinated for distemper and cats under one year of age should be vaccinated for panleukopenia.
  • Other vaccinations may be given at the clinicians’ discretion.
  • Animals admitted with an unknown vaccination history must be labeled as such and a contact log.(login required) must be posted.  They must be vaccinated for rabies as above.


  • Fleas and ticks - Any animal infested with fleas and/or ticks shall be sprayed or dipped on admission or as soon as is possible medically, keeping in mind the general well-being of the affected patient and other hospitalized patients.
  • Sarcoptic mange - Any animal that is positive for sarcoptic mange on a skin scraping shall be dipped during its first day of hospitalization. Ideally, patients with sarcoptic mange shall not be hospitalized.

Patient Placement


Dogs on raw meat diets

  • Animals known to have a potentially infectious disease, and their owners, should not enter the waiting room.