Radiology shall be notified in advance of any patient that is housed in isolation or under restriction that requires transport to radiology for procedures.

Patients will be handled as described previously.

The room(s) in which the patient was in shall be out of use until all surfaces have been cleaned of disposable items that are to be double bagged in biohazard bags and incinerated.

Tables and floors are to be toweled or mopped with an appropriate disinfectant  and allowed to dry before use by another patient.

No use until the following day is preferred.

Non-disposable items such as aprons, gloves, or such devices shall be rinsed and toweled down following the procedure.

Technicians working with patients that have an infectious disease shall use the lead gloves with disposable liners.

The liner shall be removed after the procedure and disposed of as a disposable item.

Radiology shall provide service to the isolation ward as dictated by procedures.

Isolation procedures apply to all personnel entering this area.

If patients from isolation must use the facilities in radiology, these procedures should always be performed last.

The room is to be stripped and cleaned with an appropriate cleaner and not used until the following day.

Isolation protocol must accompany all people involved in patient contacts through radiology and back to isolation.