Patient Care Area and Cage Management

Patient Care Area Assignment (Placement)

  • Animals suspected of having an infectious or zoonotic disease should be assigned to the patient care area indicated on the infectious disease list.
  • Animals with suspected infectious canine tracheobronchitis or acute feline upper respiratory infections ideally shall be treated as outpatients, rather than being placed in the isolation ward.
  • Animals suspected of having an infectious disease requiring restriction may be assigned to any of the patient care areas based on treatment needs, but must be identified accordingly. The appropriate protocol must be followed when caring for these patients.
  • Animals with an infectious disease not requiring isolation or restriction may be housed under regular standards in any of the patient care areas based on treatment needs.
  • Immunosuppressed patients that do not require admission to ICU shall be housed away from other patients.
  • Any stray animal should be placed in isolation.

Handling Protocols

Normal Housing

  • Note infectious disease or site of infection on cage card. Communicate directly with the area technician regarding the patient and status.
  • Do not allow patient to have intimate contact with other patients.
  • If animal is moved from one cage to another, clean old cage with an appropriate disinfectant.
  • Wash hands after handling patient.