Hospital Cage Cleaning

Non Biohazard Cage Cleaning:

  • Dirty Cages should be marked with a blue patient identification card folded into the cage bars.
  • Remove all items from the cage including bedding, water bowls, cage paper and place in laundry bins, dishwasher or garbage.
  • Grates should be removed and placed in the wash area.
  • Spray grates with HDQ, scrub front sides and back with a hand brush and then spray with HDQ again. Allow to sit for 10 minutes.
  • With cage door closed, spray cages with HDQ from a spray bottle. Open door and spray all four sides of cage, including ceiling and inside of door bars.
  • Once HDQ has completely coated surface, scrub away any organic material and spray with HDQ again.
  • Allow the cage to sit for 10 minutes- using the back of identification car to write the time.
  • Spray front and back of grates with water, flushing away any HDQ residue.
  • After 10 minutes, spray the cage again to dampen the surfaces and thoroughly wipe clean the entire cage.
  • Remove blue identification card and discard.