Hospital Run Cleaning

Non Biohazard Run Cleaning:

  • Dirty Runs should be marked with a blue patient identification card folded into the cage bars.
  • Remove all items from the cage including bedding, water bowls, cage paper and place in laundry bins, dishwasher or garbage.
  • Prop the floor grates against the walls. They may stay in the run to be cleaned.
  • If needed, grates can be removed and placed is the wash area to be cleaned.
  • With run door closed (non-glass runs), spray with HDQ from a foam gun attached to a high pressure hose. Open door and spray all walls and floor of run.
  • If run has a glass door, spray the inside with the foam HDQ, the outside should be sprayed with a handheld squirt bottle of HDQ and wiped with paper towels after a 10 minute sit.
  • Once HDQ has completely coated surface, scrub away any organic material with a deck brush and spray with HDQ again.
  • If the grates are left in the run, spray with HDQ, scrub front sides and back and then spray with HDQ again.
  • Allow the run and grates to sit for 10 minutes- using the back of identification car to write the time.
  • After 10 minutes, flush the run thoroughly with warm water, removing any HDQ residue.
  • Spray front and back of grates with water, flushing away any HDQ residue.
  • Squeegee the run free of water to the drain.
  • Lay grates down- towel dry if the run is to be used immediately by another patient
  • Remove blue identification card and discard.