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Exotics Suspect Infectious Diseases Chart

This page shows a chart listing the infectious diseases for the species, housing, zoonoses potential, and links to further information.

Suspect Disease, Exotics Zoonotic Contact log Route Species Systems Housing
Antimicrobial resistant infections Yes Contact with wounds or draining,  All Skin, urinary, GI, neuro As indicated by circumstances /SOP
Blastomycosis Yes Soil, inhalation, scratch, wound, dressing on lesion All Skin, respiratory Normal - wear gloves to handle
Brucellosis Yes Body fluids (urine, semen, vaginal secretions) All Urinary, reproductive, wounds Restriction, isolation if draining tracts are apparent
Canine Distemper Aerosol droplets, surface contact Ferrets Respiratory, neurologic Isolation
Cheyletiellosis Contact with hair, dandur, brushes, other  Rabbits Skin, hair Restriction
Coccidiodomycosis   Direct contact with infected fluids, dressing All Skin, respiratory Restriction
Cryptosporidiosis Yes Fecal oral All GI Isolation-small animal
Dermatophytosis Yes Hair, dandur, fomites- bedding, linens,  All Skin Isolation
Giardiasis Yes Fecal oral All  GI Restriction
Leptospirosis Yes Yes login required Body secretions, urine, blood All GI, urinary Restriction
Lymphocytic choriomeningitis Yes Aerosol droplets Rodents Neuro Isolation
Mycobacteria Yes Direct contact, aerosol droplets
Ornithosis Yes Aerosol droplets, environmental surfaces  Birds Respiratory Isolation
Rabies Yes Yes login required Bites, scratch All mammals Neuro Restriction
Rat Bite Fever Bites Rodents Blood Restriction
Reovirus Aerosol, fecal oral, environmental surfaces, fomites Rodents GI Isolation
Salmonellosis Yes Fecal oral, environmental surfaces All GI  Isolation
Sialodacryoedenitis  Aerosol, nasal secretions Rodents Neuro Isolation





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