Anesthesia Protocol

  • Clinician must alert staff of the status of the animal. If quaternary ammonium compounds will not inactivate the organism, the staff must be alerted.
  • Whenever possible, used, disposable, anesthetic circuit components and endotracheal tubes shall be utilized.
    • Following use, these components will be double bagged in a biohazard bag and incinerated.
    • When non-disposable items are used, they shall be thoroughly disinfected following use.
  • One rolling table will be assigned for the use of the patient and will be used for all transport.
  • Before the table is used for other patients, it shall be thoroughly disinfected and allowed to dry.
  • Recovery of patients with infectious diseases shall occur in the animal's cage.
  • Immunosuppressed animals:
    • The clinician must alert the staff of the animal's status. New sterile circuits and endotracheal tubes will be used.