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EHC-SP Staff

Tammy Stewart

Tammy Stewart
Facility Manager
N.C. Registered Veterinary Technician
Employed since 1990

Tammy has worked with and cared for horses on a private level for 38 years and on a professional level for 21 years. Tammy is administrator of all activities at the Equine Health Center at Southern Pines.

Dr. BeachlerDr. Theresa Beachler
Theriogenology Intern
Employed since July 2012

Dr. Beachler has been involved in riding and showing Arabian horses for almost 20 years as well as serving as a therapeutic riding instructor in Sanford, NC for the last 9 years. She attended NC State University obtaining a degree in Animal Science in 2007 and received her DVM in 2012. She is currently completing a Theriogenology Internship at NC State College of Veterinary Medicine.

Pamela Wilser Pamela Wilser
Laboratory Manager
N.C. Registered Veterinary Technician
Employed since 2002

Prior to accepting her current position in Southern Pines, Pam worked several temporary positions at NC State College of Veterinary Medicine and at various small animal hospitals in the Triangle Area.  At the Equine Health Center, she is responsible for vaccinating and deworming our horses and maintaining their preventative health care records.  Pam also manages the Center's diagnostic laboratory, performing many different tests requested by local veterinarians.  The most commonly requested tests are coggins tests, chemistry panels, complete blood counts, and parasite egg counts for horses. 

Kevin McDonnellKevin "Mac" McDonnell
Maintenance Mechanic & Animal Care Technician
Employed since 2008

Kevin's prior experience with horses includes training and showing reining horses, winning his first NRHA bronze trophy in 1977, the 1990 NRHA Limited Open Reining Futurity, and the 1997 All American Quarter Horse Congress Limited Open Reining Futurity to name a few. Kevin also has 20 years experience collecting stallions for artificial insemination. With horsemanship and dedication, he will care for your horse as he would his own.

AmyAmy Potts
Office Assistant
Employed since July 2012

Amy started riding horses when she was 12 years old. She attended William Woods University and graduated with honors with a Bachelors in Equestrian Science. Since moving to North Carolina in 2002, she has worked with horses on either private farms or in a veterinary capacity. Amy and her mare, Absolution, have enjoyed much success in the eventing world, qualifying for the American Eventing Championships in 2010. In her duties at the Equine Health Center, Amy can incorporate her love for horses into her work and meet other horse lovers of the area.