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Contact Information

Phone:  919.513.6694
Fax:      919.513.6712
Hours: Monday-Friday, 8AM-5PM
Appointments by referral only, except for second opinions, breed-related certifications for congenital heart disease or treatment of heartworm infection.

General Information

The Terry Center

red Cross Cadeceus

Emergency Service

Main Number: 919.513.6500
Small Animal Emergency: 919.513.6911
Large Animal Emergency: 919.513.6630
Monday-Thursday 5PM-8AM
Friday 5PM-Monday 8AM

Open 24 hours on legal holidays.
No appointment needed.

Cardiology - Appointments

Referral Policy

We operate primarily on a referral basis, with the patient's primary veterinarian referring them to the NCSU Cardiology Service by calling us to discuss the patient's condition.

Referral is not required for second opinions, breed-related certifications for congenital heart disease, or treatment of heartworm infection. By speaking with the primary veterinarian prior to the appointment, we are often better able to determine the severity of the problem, which of our services the patient is likely to need, how soon the patient needs to be seen, and whether any of the other specialty services at the NCSU-VHC should be consulted. We will also discuss our policies and fees at the time the referral is made, and formulate a plan for communicating our findings to the primary veterinarian.


After the referral has been made, owners may call us to make the appointment. We will collect owner and patient demographic information, provide an estimate of charges, discuss some of the diagnostic procedures that may be required, and answer any questions the owner may have regarding the visit. In order to have the best chance of getting a complete diagnostic work-up done in one day, we try to schedule new patients in the morning between 9:00-10:30 every day except Thursday which is reserved for interventional cardiac catheterization or other semi-elective surgical procedures.

NCSU Cardiac Cath Lab

What will happen during an appointment?

While a patient is hospitalized, the cardiologist and student on the case will arrange mutually convenient times every day for the owner to call (or be available to be called) to get an update on the patient's condition, and answer any questions that may arise. We will also arrange mutually convenient times for the owner to visit the patient, if desired.

Information Needed for Initial Evaluation

Fees and Payment

The average fee for an outpatient cardiac evaluation (includes blood pressure, chest radiographs, electrocardiogram and echocardiogram, sedation and blood work) by a board certified cardiologist is $550 - $750. Patients with complex congenital heart disease, medical complications, or those in whom congestive heart failure is severe enough to require hospitalization will generally incur greater costs, which will be discussed with the owner prior to any procedures or hospitalization.

The average total cost for some uncomplicated common interventional procedures that we perform routinely are as follows: