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Hours: Monday-Friday, 8AM-5PM
New patient non-emergency appointments are on Monday & Wednesday mornings. Appointments by referral only.

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Main Number: 919.513.6500
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Large Animal Emergency: 919.513.6630
Monday-Thursday 5PM-8AM
Friday 5PM-Monday 8AM

Open 24 hours on legal holidays.
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The overall purpose of the Neurology specialty group of the American College of Veterinary Medicine (ACVIM) is to advance knowledge of neurologic diseases and to foster the continued development of specialty care in veterinary neurology. To achieve the purposes of the Neurology specialty group of the ACVIM, the ACVIM parent organization certifies new Neurology Diplomates by guiding training programs and ensuring fair and appropriate credential and examination procedures.

What is a neurology specialist?

Specialists in veterinary neurology are certified by the ACVIM parent organization. Specialists (sometimes also known as Diplomates) have to meet strict training requirments as outlined below. In order to become a Neurology specialist, a veterinarian must:

Why might I need a neurology specialist?

If your pet has a neurological problem of any sort, we would strongly recommend that you seek the advice of a board-certified neurologist. Under the term ACVIM Neurology board certification, a veterinary neurologist is considered to be an expert in neurology, which can include both medical neurology and neurosurgery. Some neurologists have more training in neurosurgery than others, and some neurologists choose not to do neurosurgery. The four neurologists at the NC State Veterinary Hospital are all trained in neurosurgery as well as medical neurology.

Special services and technology

Special services provided through the neurology service include:

Referral policy

We accept new cases only if they are referrals from a veterinarian. This ensures that you are initially referred to the most appropriate service within the NC State Veterinary Hospital. Some cases, particularly orthopedic or cardiac cases, can show very similar signs to neurologic cases. This policy is also important because once discharged from the hospital, we will need to work with your veterinarian in order to provide continued, high quality care. More...

Clinical Trials

** We are no longer recruiting for the following trials:

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