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North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine Web Policies and Procedures

Overview & Scope

These guidelines exist as a means by which to list and explain requirements for web accessible content for the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) at North Carolina State University (NCSU).  These guidelines will assist faculty, staff, and students, in developing and publishing content under regulations set forth by NCSU.  Any person who publishes content to a College-owned or maintained site must adhere to these guidelines.

Please check back frequently, as policies may be updated or changed.

Architecture and Navigation

The design of the CVM site is approved by the administration and must be kept intact on any page under ownership or maintenance of the CVM.  Additionally, the navigation of the site must also be kept intact, including both main navigation relating to the College as a whole and side navigation relating to individual departments, groups, or sections.  Only approved font sizes, types, and colors set by the administration can be used.

Additionally, the design and navigation of the site is to be applied to any page under the domain, regardless of location in the directory or link structure of the overall site. This uniformity ensures a stronger web presence and allows for greater adherence to mandated accessbility standards (see below).


What Standards Do We Use

For Web Accessibility we currently adhere to Section 508 of the Workforce Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Section 508 is currently being updated, and with the additional changes coming to the Americans with Disabilities Act in regards to Web accessibility, all current and future Web development should use WCAG 2 Level AA as the minimum standard for Web Accessibility. For the current Section 508 requirements and how to meet them, read the Accessibility Primer and Checklist.


NCSU accessibility policies:


Section 508:

NCSU accessibility support for PDF documents

PDF Format- Overview

PDF Tutorials

Adobe accessibility support for PDF documents


Creating New Pages & Editing Existing Pages

All page creation and editing must be done through the use of Adobe Contribute CS4 (version 4.1) or newer. Connection Keys may be obtained for individual departments, groups, and sections from the Computing Resources group and must be obtained in order to gain access to a particular area for web editing.

All files and folders should be named with all-lowercase letters and should not contain spaces, though underscores may be used.

Neither files nor folders should start with a number. Try to be concise with your file names. Think about the person who has to type out your full web address - a 30-character long file name is hard to follow and increases the likelihood of spelling errors and can result in users unable to access your web page. As a general rule, try to keep your file names under or around 10 characters.

Personal Web Pages

Personal web pages may only exist on the CVM web site as they pertain to the individual in an official capacity with regards to the college. If you wish to display more personal or unrelated information, you can use your personal Unity web space under the guidelines set forth by NCSU.

Student Organizational Web Sites